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Erica helps others on their journey to healing through Reiki, inner child healings, past life regression, crystal healings, life coaching & so much more! She also will be offering group sessions & meditations! Erica is available most evenings & weekends by appointment only. She is so excited to be apart of The Blend & helping people heal to be the best versions of themselves.


My name is Erica also known as The Healing Star... I’m a Pediatric nurse & holistic healer. I treat body, mind & soul to improve overall wellness. I love being a channel to help others heal themselves. I have several certifications such as Reiki, Life Coach, Crystal Healing Practitioner and more! I have had my fair share of trauma & failure in this lifetime- it wasn’t until meeting MY Master Reiki Practitioner, my life started to change drastically! I've already helped so many people along the way & have so many more to help down the road. I hope you can trust in me to get you to where you need to be! It’s truly my passion helping people transform their life organically. I look forward to working with you!

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I received a distant reiki and she was so spot on she gave herself chills! I felt and feel so free and light. Deff recommended her I'll be going for an in person one soon!


-Bethany I.

Where do I even start?! Erica's energy is so welcoming, loving and supportive! Truly so grateful we have crossed paths. I did a virtual reiki session with Erica and wow. Tears and more tears!! It was so spot on and exactly what I needed. I've had reiki done plenty of times throughout the years and Erica killed it! If you are thinking of getting any energy healing go check her out, you will not regret it! Erica, thank you for sharing your gifts with others. Keep trusting yourself! You are amazing! So grateful for you! Thank you so much!


-Britni B.

I did a long distance reiki session with Erica and she was so spot on about things and she focused on some areas I have been having issues with physically and after a few days I was feeling so much better! I'm so happy I was able to do this with her!! Erica is such a positive person and she's so uplifting! I recommend her to everyone!! I can't wait to do an in person reiki session soon!

-Ashley M.

I did a long distance Reiki healing session with Erica, and everything was spot on, and what she said resonated with me. Within a day or so I was already feeling lighter and more connected. I have also gotten a sage kit from her! Definitely recommend any of her services that you think may help improve your life! ​


-Cameo B.

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