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Welcome to Evolving Vibes! I offer Intuitive tarot and Oracle reading cards, guided meditation/hypnotherapy, and spiritual guidance!! I also use my gifts as a paranormal investigator privately and with Ghost Hunts USA.


I've been offering my services for over 10 years and when not at psychic fairs or special events, I'm available at the Blend.


Psychic readings aren’t about “telling your future” it’s literally all about discovery!! Discovering how you move forward, determining your path and extremely helpful in offering guidance, reassurance and affirmation!!

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I had a reading with Brian today and he was dead on very accurate and it was very helpful. Definitely will be getting another and hopefully to go to workshops with him leading. 


-Melissa B.

I had a reading done over the weekend and this man nailed everything. He does not know me from Adam and it was very impressive. Thank you for a wonderful reading.


-Bill F.

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